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Easter Eggs: Mouse Egg

Easter Eggs: Mouse Egg

Total Time 1 hour Ages all-ages

Courtesy of a hard-boiled egg, vibrant egg dye, a cute pipe cleaner stand, and some glued-on details (paper ears, pom-pom nose, and so on), this critter is an Easter favorite.

What you'll need

  • eggs
  • newsprint
  • egg dye
  • paper towels
  • birthday candles or crayons
  • pom pom
  • marker
  • blue and pink paper
  • glue

How to make it

Color Hard-boiled Eggs: Before you begin decorating, cover your worktable with newsprint. Set out plastic cups with assorted colors of prepared egg dye, either homemade (For each color, stir one cup of hot water and one teaspoon of white vinegar in a plastic cup. Then stir in 10 to 20 drops of concentrated food coloring) or store-bought. Have a roll of paper towels on hand and plenty of hard-boiled white eggs. Let the kids take turns submerging eggs into the dye until the eggs reach a desired sh

This cute mouse begins with a blue egg. Glue on blue and pink paper ears and a pink pom-pom nose. Add an extra-long pipe cleaner tail.

Craft Pipe Cleaner Legs: Set the decorated animal on a pipe cleaner stand. To make one, bend a pipe cleaner into an oval and twist it closed, using the excess as a tail. Cut a second pipe cleaner in half. Wrap one half around the back of the oval to form the back legs; wrap the other half around the front to create the front legs. Bend the ends into feet.

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