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"I Have a Dream" Vision Board

"I Have a Dream" Vision Board

Total Time afternoon or evening Ages school-age

This simple craft gives you a chance to talk to your child about a number of important issues. First and foremost you can introduce them to the great work of Martin Luther King Jr. Then you can help them imagine ways that the world could be better. Our children are the future, let's help them dream of one that is bright and shining.  

For his vision board my son dreamt of a world where everyone was happy and loved each other. He also wanted to make sure that we took care of the earth and that everyone had enough food and clean water. His collage is full of smiling faces, nature, hearts, fruit and fresh water. I sure hope his dream comes true. 

by Carla Wiking

What you'll need

  • Poster board
  • Marker pen
  • Old magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to make it

On a poster board, draw a picture of your child sleeping with a dream bubble above their head.

Share the "I have a dream" speech with your child. Explain to him/her the wonderful power of imagining a better world. Have them think of things they want for the future. Then, search for visual representations of those things in old magazines and cut them out. 

Create a collage by gluing the clippings inside the dream bubble.

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