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Easter Egg Garland - A How To Using Plastic Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Garland - A How To Using Plastic Easter Eggs

Plastic eggs are inexpensive and easy to find, which make them a convenient craft and fun decoration for the Easter holiday.

Plus, when Easter is over, you can add any leftover plastic eggs to your garland, and keep them safely and neatly until next year!

by Jillian Tohber Leslie

What you'll need

  • Assortment of plastic Easter Eggs
  • Wire or string (I used 28-gauge wire)

Helpful Tip:

Before purchasing your plastic Easter eggs, be sure to verify that they have holes in the end of each egg - which is safer for kids, and makes this garland much easier to create.

How to make it

1. Gather an assortment of plastic Easter eggs, of a complimentary style and range of colors. You may vary the sizes if you like, say for a pastel garland of alternating sizes, between small and large eggs.

2. Arrange the eggs in a pattern you like, or have your children each arrange their own.

3. String the wire through two holes on the wide end of an egg, and slide that egg down wire toward the spool.

4. Continue stringing the eggs until you reach the length you want.

5. Snip the wire, leaving enough extra wire on each end to attach the garland wherever you like.

Easter Egg Garland

6. Hang your garland where your children, guests - and the Easter Bunny - will see and enjoy it! For example, with the wire, you can arrange them across the top of your mantle, without worrying about them rolling off.

7. Have a happy Easter!

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