Saturday, July 30, 2022

Never Melt Snowballs

Never Melt Snowballs

Total Time 30 minutes or less Ages all-ages

Whether you live in a climate that's too hot, too rainy or just not right for making a good snowball, you can still have the experience of a snowball battle with these fluffy creations. All you need is yarn.

by Jennifer Cooper

What you'll need

  • white yarn
  • scissors

How to make it

Never Melt Snowballs 1

1. Wrap yarn around your hand approximately 40 to 50 times. Make sure to spread your fingers wide.

Never Melt Snowballs 2

2. Remove yarn from your hand. Tie a lenght of yarn around the middle of the yarn and double knot it. It should look like a butterfly with loops on either side.

Never Melt Snowballs 3

3. Cut through the loops on one side, then the other.

Never Melt Snowballs 4

4. Trim yarn to form a nice fluffy ball.

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