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Craft: DIY Party Trays

Craft: DIY Party Trays

by Dariela Cruz

Whenever I am hosting a party for my kids or for adults, I always end up scavaging stores for some specific supplies in the same exact color I need them... and they're always hard to find. Even if the party has a character theme, there is always a need for a flat color coordinate tray! I decided to make these trays that will be perfect for my next party - or even just for use around the house! They are super easy to make and you can find transparent plastic trays in different shapes and sizes at the dollar store. Just keep in mind you shouldn't be serving food directly from them (use napkins and other containers).

What you'll need

  • Transparent trays
  • Spray paint (pick your favorites)
  • Masking tape
  • Recycled paper or plastic for masking

Helpful Tip:

Try to pick the transparent trays without any texture on the top so that they look clean and and simple. Metallic trays can work well too if you find some that you like!


You can always get more creative with these, add other accents by stamping or by making more masks!

How to make it

supplies for making DIY party trays

1. Decide if you want the tray to be one color or 2 colors. If you want the tray to be 2 colors, start masking one side (Step 2). If you want it one color only, place some paper or a plastic cover on the floor and start spray painting. Remember to do this outdoors or in an environment with a lot of circulating air.

Transparent tray masked with paper

2. Establish which color you would like on the bigger side of your tray and use masking tape to make a straight line on the top and the bottom of the tray. Then use recycled paper to cover the other side. Make sure not to leave any holes, otherwise the paint might get in there.

Spray painting a tray

3. Go ahead and spray paint the top of the tray, wait about 15 minutes to let it dry and then do a second and third coat if necessary. Make the coats light so the paint wont start dripping. Then, do the same on the bottom of the tray.

Step 4

4. After the one side is completely dried, proceed to take off the mask and repeat the masking procedure on the side that's already colored. Spray paint the new side, and be very careful that the mask is always well-adhered.

Colorful Party Trays

5. Let them dry very well outdoors overnight. These are some samples of colors you can combine, but you can always go for one color and different tones. For example, if the party uses blues, grab a light blue spray paint and a dark blue spray paint -- it will look just perfect!

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