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Craft: Ghoulish Traffic Signs

Craft: Ghoulish Traffic Signs

Every Halloween, there seems to be a wicked traffic jam of ghouls, goblins and witches in the house, so keep things orderly with traffic signs made especially for the visiting creatures. Hang them in entryways, bedrooms, or any closets that monsters might like to hide.

What you'll need

  • Construction paper of different colors
  • Adhesive letters and numbers
  • Craft glue

How to make it

Step 1

1. Let’s start by making a stop sign, since it’s the only traffic sign that’s not square. After you’ve mastered a stop sign, every other sign is a piece of cake. Cut an octagon shape out of red construction paper, and then another octagon shape out of white construction paper that is about a half inch larger on all sides. The easiest way to make an octagon is to start with a square. Then cut off one corner of the square. Use that cut-off corner as a guide to cut the remaining three corners. And you’ve got yourself an octagon.

2. Glue the smaller red octagon onto the larger white one.

Step 3

3. At this point, you can draw on the sign letters with a thick black marker. But if you’re all thumbs like some of the monsters hanging around, adhesive letters and numbers are much easier to work with. You just peel them off and stick them to your sign. To help apply the stickers in a straight line, place a ruler on the sign as your guide. Place the letters lightly along the ruler until you’re happy with their placement, and then press down firmly to keep the letters in place.

4. Other signs are made similarly. Just cut out a rectangle, square, or diamond out of construction paper, plus another piece that’s a little larger that will serve as the border. Then peel and stick adhesive letters and numbers onto the paper. Keep in mind that these traffic signs are really just for fun, as there is no guarantee that monsters can actually read.

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