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Draw Your Own Fractal Pattern On Graph Paper

Draw Your Own Fractal Pattern On Graph Paper

The fun bits of math are about simple rules that make beautiful patterns. In this craft, you start with a piece of graph paper. Then you faithfully follow some simple, simple rules, and watch an amazingly intricate pattern grow over the graph paper. It will happen in front of your own eyes, and beneath your very own fingertips.

You can use the pattern you've created as a basis for other craft projects, for example, greeting cards, or wrapping paper or scrapbooking. Or, just frame it up!

by Michael Hartley

What you'll need

  • Some graph paper.
  • Colored pencils, pens, crayons, paints or similar.

Helpful Tip:

The patterns you get could be used as the basis for other crafts, such as birthday cards, bookmarks, and so on.


In step 2, I say to color the top row and left column completely red. Try mixing in some yellow squares as well, and see how that changes the final pattern. You could also try using more than two colors, and changing the "new color rules" in step three. Just make up any set of rules that takes your fancy - but write it down so you can be sure to follow it faithfully! To get the picture shown above, I used five different colors.

How to make it

1. Choose two colors. I'll imagine you chose red and yellow.

2. Get the graph paper, and color the all the squares in the left column red. The top row should also be colored completely red (unless you're trying one of the variations I suggested).

3. Here's how you color the rest of the squares. You can't color a square until you've colored the square immediately above it, and the one just to its left. Once you've found a square like that,

-> Use your yellow pen if the squares above and to the left are the same color

-> Use your red pen if they are different colors.

4. Keep going until you've colored in all the squares of the graph paper. As you color, you should see a pattern start to emerge. Triangles within triangles within triangles, in an intricate fractal dance across the page.

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