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Fozzie Bear Felty Ears and Hat

Fozzie Bear Felty Ears and Hat

Wocka, wocka! You’ll have so much fun creating this felty craft inspired by your favorite joke-telling bear.

Download Fozzie Bear Felty Ears and Hat Template

by Kelly Delanty

What you'll need

  • Black felt
  • Dark brown felt
  • Brown felt
  • Mustard/orange felt
  • Copper felt
  • Headband
  • Scissors
  • Light-colored pencil for tracing
  • Hot glue or craft glue (only adults should use hot glue)

How to make it

Step 1

1. Print and cut out the template pieces.

Step 2

2. Trace and cut the pieces onto their designated felt color. You will cut 1 of each hat piece, but you will cut two ear backs, two ear fronts, and two ear outlines.

Step 3

3. Glue the hat top, hat band, and hat bottom to the front of the hat back. Glue the ear front to the ear back. Glue on the ear outline. Repeat this with the other ear, making sure that it is a mirror reflection of the first ear.

Step 4

4. Flip the hat and ears over and position them as if you were going to glue them to the headband. Place the headband over the pieces so you can see where you will need to cut a curve into the hat and ears. Trace that curve onto the felt.

Step 5

5. Cut the curve into the pieces.

Step 6

6. Glue the hat into place on the very top of the headband. Glue the ears into place on either side of the hat. Allow the glue to dry before wearing the ears.

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