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Easter Basket Ice Cream Bucket Craft

Easter Basket Ice Cream Bucket Craft

Total Time 1 hour

Get some joy out of that big gallon bucket of ice cream one more time by repurposing the container to fashion your very own Easter basket full of goodies!

by Amanda Formaro

What you'll need

  • Empty plastic gallon ice cream container
  • Various colors of scrap felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Easter grass and plastic eggs filled with goodies

Helpful Tip:

1. By using felt scraps you are keeping these pieces out of landfills! 2. Fabric glue adheres better than white craft glue, though white craft glue will still work. You may need to add more glue or hold the pieces in place. Felt glue is available at all craft supply stores. 3. For an alternative to candy, fill plastic eggs with loose change like pennies and nickels, or fold up little notes such as "good for one hug."

How to make it

1. Cut scrap felt into uniform rectangles, roughly 2" x 4". Use several different colors.

step 1

2. Line the rim of the open side of the ice cream container with felt glue. Place the rectangle on top of the glue so that the long ends of the rectangles hang evenly over the outside and the inside of the rim, overlapping the rectangles as you go. Allow to dry for about 10 minutes to let the glue grab a bit.

step 2

3. Gently lay the container on its side and pipe some glue onto the outside of the container, or pipe glue directly onto the underside of the felt rectangles. Press rectangles down onto the plastic container, working your way all the way around.

step 3

4. With the container still on its side, pipe glue inside the container in the same fashion and pres felt pieces down and against the side, working your way around the bucket.

5. Pick your largest scrap piece of felt and cut it into ½" wide strips. It does not matter how long they are, though the longer the better.

step 4

6. Pipe glue along the top of the handle. Starting at one end of the handle, wrap the thin felt strips around the handle, overlapping as you go, until the handle is covered completely.

step 5

7. Cut three egg shapes out of felt and glue them to the front of your Easter basket. Pipe lines of glue underneath and overlapping the bottoms of the eggs to create grass. Cut a piece of green felt into small strips and press into the glue to create the bed of grass.

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