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Craft: Golden Sun Medallion

Craft: Golden Sun Medallion

Ages 5 to 8

Team up a teenage girl with magical hair and a charming bandit. Add mystery and adventure, such as a great, and long overdue, escape from a tower for starters. And you've got the makings of a sensational story. Make that, sun-sational. This shiny pendant-style necklace is a replica of the distinctive sun emblem that's key to untangling the puzzle of Rapunzel's past.

Download Golden Sun Medallion Template

by Cindy Littlefield

What you'll need

  • Template for Golden Sun Medallion
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Scrapbook paper (2 or more shades or prints of gold)
  • Yellow or gold faux gems and/or glitter glue
  • Glue sealer (such as Mod Podge)
  • Small paintbrush or foam brush
  • Beading monofilament
  • Sewing needle (to poke holes in the medallion for the beading monofilament)
  • Gold seed beads
  • Necklace barrel clasp or magnetic clasp

How to make it

1. Print the template.

2. Cut two 5-inch squares from one shade of gold paper and glue them back-to-back. Then use the template piece to cut out a circle of outer rays from the two-ply square. (Note: Using double-thick paper makes the medallion extra sturdy.)

3. Next, glue together two 4-inch squares from another shade of gold paper. Cut out a circle of inner rays from this two-ply square.

Step 4

4. Glue the circle of inner rays atop the circle of outer rays. The inner rays should slightly overlap the left edges of the outer rays, as shown.

Step 5

5. Cut a sun center out of gold paper and glue it atop the assembled rays.

6. Brush a coat of glue sealer on the front and back of the medallion, and let it dry.

7. Now your child can embellish the medallion with faux gems and/or glitter glue.

Step 8

8. When the glitter glue is dry, use a needle to poke a pair of holes in the tip of the top ray. Next, slide a single seed bead onto the center of a 22-inch length of beading monofilament, and then insert the ends through the holes in the ray (from front to back), as shown. Pull the ends so that the bead comes to rest against the front of the medallion.

Step 9

9. Gather the monofilament ends behind the medallion and insert both ends through another single seed bead. Then separate the ends and string beads on each strand until you have a necklace the length you like. Tie each end to one half of a necklace clasp, and the medallion is ready to wear.

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