Thursday, July 21, 2022

Elsa’s Snowflake Hair Barrettes

Elsa’s Snowflake Hair Barrettes

Jazz-up your hair style with this too-cool DIY Elsa-inspired accessory, perfect for any occasion.

Download Elsa’s Snowflake Hair Barrettes Template

What you'll need

  • White glittered felt
  • Purple felt
  • Light blue felt
  • Small blue and purple rhinestones
  • Bobby pins large and small or barrettes of your choice
  • Hot glue or craft glue (hot glue should be used by adults only)
  • Scissors

How to make it

Print and cut out the snowflake templates you would like to use.

Choose a large snowflake template and trace it onto white glittered felt and cut it out. (Trace the snowflake on the backside of the glittered felt to prevent the ink or pencil from showing on the glittered side.)

You can choose a medium snowflake and/or small snowflake template to layer on top of the large snowflake. Trace them onto blue and purple felt. Mix and match your snowflakes alternating the colors.

Once your felt snowflakes are all cut out, assemble them with hot glue or craft glue. Add a rhinestone on the very top snowflake. Use hot glue or craft glue to glue them to a bobby pin or barrette of your choice. Allow the glue to fully dry before pinning them to hair.

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