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Fruit and Veggie Stamp Friends Craft

Fruit and Veggie Stamp Friends Craft

Total Time 1 hour Ages school-age

Make fun paint stamps out of fall harvest vegetables and fruits! Use carrots, squash, apples, and anything else that strikes your fancy. Discover other great activities for autumn in our main Fall Crafts section.

by Amanda Formaro

What you'll need

  • Carrots, apples, and yellow squash
  • Paint: red, yellow, orange, light blue, green and white
  • Paintbrush
  • Black marker
  • Art paper

Helpful Tip:

Fall brings plenty of fun shaped squash and gourds. Try different types of gourds, miniature pumpkins, and squash with this project. Apples make great caterpillars! Stamp the vegetable onto the paper horizontally and add as many legs as you like. Alter this project to spring by using apples and carrots and bright colors such as pink, yellow, and bright orange.

How to make it

1. Have an adult slice the vegetables and fruits in half lengthwise.

Fruit and Veggie Stamp Friends step 1

2. Dry off the cut sides by blotting them with a paper towel (see image).

3. Paint each cut side with a generous amount of paint.

Fruit and Veggie Stamp Friends step 2

4. Press painted side on to paper and remove (see image). Do this for as many veggie and fruit stamps you want.

5. Draw eyes, mouths, arms and legs with black marker.

6. Dip a dry paintbrush in green paint, dab off excess on paper towels. Paint grass on paper.

7. Use same dry brush method when using the light blue paint for the sky.

8. Dip a clean paint brush into white paint, but don’t dry off on paper towel. Lightly dab the paintbrush onto the paper to create clouds.

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