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Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft

Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft

This simple craft is such a pretty addition to your holiday décor! Make this then display it near your big tree to see it sparkle.

What you'll need

  • 1 sheet green construction paper
  • Wooden doll pin and stand
  • Small colorful beads
  • Gold and brown paint
  • 2 gold sequins
  • White glitter glue
  • White craft glue
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Helpful Tip:

Instead of painting a gold star, use yellow construction paper. If you don’t have gold paint, use white and cover with gold glitter or gold glitter glue. To simplify this craft, glue sequins on the tree instead of beads as they won’t slide.

How to make it

Paint bottom half of the doll pin with brown paint. It is not necessary to paint the top as it will not be seen.  

Paint the doll pin stand gold. Set both items aside to dry.  

Cut a 3” square piece of the green construction paper from the corner of the sheet. Paint this with gold paint and set aside to dry.  

Roll the construction paper sheet into a cone shape. Secure with a piece of clear tape.  

When doll pin is dry, insert the flat end into the doll pin stand, secure with some white glue.  

Place the cone on top of the doll pin. It will be too big!  Trim the cone with a pair of scissors until you are able to see some of the brown on the doll pin (tree trunk).  

Remove the cone from the doll pin. Add a generous amount of white glue to the top of the doll pin and put the cone back on. Position it so that it is straight and allow it to dry.  

Use white glitter glue to put dots all over the “tree” where you want your “lights” to be.  

Place a small colorful bead onto each dot of glitter glue. You will need to hold the tree and keep going around it carefully checking and adjusting the beads as they may begin to drip and slide. Blow on it as you turn it slowly and gently adjust the beads. Once the glue begins to set you can set it aside to dry completely. 

Take the construction paper square that you painted gold and turn it over to the green side. Use a pencil to draw a star shape on left side of the paper. Leave enough room so that you can fold the paper in half and cut out two stars from the drawing you just made.  

After the two stars are cut out, turn them over so that the gold painted sides are both facing outward. Glue together, all except for the bottom end of the star. Glue a gold sequin to the center of the star, repeat on the other side.  

Position the un-glued section of the star over the top of the cone and glue to the tree top.

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