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Peek-A-Boo Cup Craft

Peek-A-Boo Cup Craft

Ages 5 to 8

by Heather Mann

A perfect prank for April Fool's Day, this Peek-a-Boo Cup Craft is easy to make, and a really fun craft for any party! When your kids tip their cups up to drink, other people at the table will be treated to a surprise: a pair of eyes peeking out at them from the bottom of the cup!

What you'll need

  • 1 cup
  • scrap paper or cardstock
  • 2 white pieces of paper
  • markers (I used black and blue)
  • clear tape or glue
  • scissors

Helpful Tip:

Be sure to fix a Peek-A-Boo Cup for yourself as well, in case your kids don't catch on. Drink exaggeratedly from your cup to tip them off to the joke.

How to make it

1. Cut 2 circles out of scrap paper, each about 1-inch in diameter.

2. Cut both your circles into spirals by beginning at edge and cutting around, working your way toward the middle.

step 3

3. Cut 2 eye shapes out of your white paper.

4. Use your markers to color irises and pupils onto your eye shapes (I used blue marker for the irises and black for the pupils).

5. Tape or glue eye shapes to the very center of the spiral, making sure spiral can spring freely.

6. Tape outermost edge of spirals to the bottom of the cups.

step 7

7. Set the table and watch the fun begin!

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