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Craft: Wildcat Team Shirt Bulletin Board

Craft: Wildcat Team Shirt Bulletin Board

Total Time 1 hour Ages school-age

Inspired by the movie: High School Musical

Fashioned after the Wildcats basketball jerseys, this foam bulletin board is great for tacking up important school memos and reminders. It's designed to hang up a couple different ways. Back it with strips of magnetic tape and you can post it on the refrigerator. Or, attach a clothes hanger and hang it from a hook. You can also change the color scheme to match your child's school colors.

Download Wildcat Team Shirt Bulletin Board Template

by Cindy Littlefield

What you'll need

  • Team shirt template
  • Red craft foam, 12-by 18-inch sheet
  • White sticky back craft foam
  • White foam stick-on letters (sold in craft supply stores)
  • Thick corrugated cardboard
  • Tacky glue
  • Paintbrush or foam brush
  • Magnetic tape or a clothes hanger and duct tape (for hanging the bulletin board)
  • Pushpins or tacks (for posting notes on the finished board)

How to make it

1. Print out the template and cut out the pieces

Step 2a

2. Place the red craft foam on a flat surface so that the shorter edges are at the top and bottom. Place the shoulder/armhole piece atop the upper right corner of the foam and trace around it.

Step 2b

3. Do the same on the opposite corner of the foam. Then cut off the tracings.

Step 3

4. Center the V-shape neck template atop the foam between the armholes, trace along both sides, and then cut out the tracing.

5. Cut the neck trim out of white sticky back foam. Stick the trim in place on the shirt.

6. Trace the shirt onto a piece of thick corrugated cardboard. Cut out the cardboard shirt and glue the foam shirt on top of it. Press down evenly and firmly on the foam so that it adheres well. You may want to stack a few heavy books on the bulletin board to keep the foam flat while the glue dries.

7. Finally, use foam stick-on letters to add the team name to your bulletin board.

8. To hang the bulletin board on a refrigerator door, you can apply strips of magnetic tape to the back. Or, use duct tape to attach a clothes hanger to the back of the board for hanging the bulletin board from a wall hook.

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