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Easy Coffee Filter Angel Craft

Easy Coffee Filter Angel Craft

Total Time 1 hour

This pretty little coffee filter angel is perfect as is, but you can dress her up with glitter to give her an extra special glow. Decorate your whole home with festive Christmas crafts! Create homemade cards, your own Christmas ornaments, tasty Christmas recipes, or just snuggle up together with printable Christmas activities.

by Amanda Formaro

What you'll need

3 basket style coffee filters

2 cotton balls

6-8" length of silver or gold ribbon

1 white chenille stem

1 gold chenille stem


Hot glue gun

Helpful Tip:

To embellish your angel, try using gold glitter glue or glue and glitter as decoration. We do not recommend using markers for facial features as the ink may bleed through the filter. If you really want to add facial features, try using a toothpick and acrylic paint.

How to make it

Easy Coffee Filter Angel step 1

1. Place two cotton balls in the center of one of the coffee filters (see image).

2. Hold the coffee filter with your fingers, gathering the cotton balls in the center to create the angel's head.

Easy Coffee Filter Angel step 3

3. Place a second coffee filter onto the open end, tucking the filter in a bit into the head area. This will produce the layered effect on the dress (see image).

Easy Coffee Filter Angel step 4

4. While still holding the filter together, tie a piece of gold or silver ribbon around the "neck" and tie a tight bow. Trim ends and set aside (see image).

Easy Coffee Filter Angel step 5

5. Take the third coffee filter and fold it in half, then fold the filter up length-wise accordion style. Wrap a white chenille stem around the center, and then fan out the wings (see image). Fold the excess chenille into a loop for your hanger and twist together at the end.

Easy Coffee Filter Angel step 6

6. Make a halo from the gold chenille by wrapping it around something circular, such as the top of a paint bottle. Twist the ends to form the halo. Trim the long end of the chenille, leaving approximately 3" (see image).

7. Have an adult hot glue the halo to the back of the angel so that it is positioned above the head.

8. Glue the wings in place behind the angel, hiding the gold chenille from the halo.

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