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Craft: Father's Day Necktie Card

Craft: Father's Day Necktie Card

Ages 5 to 8

by Heather Mann

What you'll need

  • 1 piece of 12-inch x 12-inch card stock
  • 1 necktie
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • craft knife (for adult use ONLY)
  • clean kitchen cutting board
  • ruler
  • white glue or craft glue

Helpful Tip:

One tie, many cards: One necktie will make many cards, so be sure to make cards for all the grandpas and fathers in your life.

No ties? You can use patterned scrapbook paper for the tie, or even use one of your toddler's scribbly pictures for the tie pattern.

How to make it

1. Use your ruler to mark card stock at 6 inches and cut it down the middle at the 6-inch mark into two even pieces. You will then have two pieces of card stock that measure 12-inch x 6-inch.

2. Fold one piece of card stock in half at the long side so that it forms a folded 6-inchx6-inchsquare.

3. Trim other piece of card stock into a 5.75-inch x 5.75-inch square. It should be slightly smaller than the card to fit inside it.

4. Open the card and draw a tie shape on the inside cover of the card.

step 5

5. Cut out the tie shape, using the craft knife (adults ONLY). Use your clean kitchen cutting board for the cutting surface.

6. Place cut-out tie shape over the square insert, and trace the tie shape lightly onto the insert. This will show you where to glue the tie fabric.

step 7

7. Disassemble the tie, and remove the insert. Cut a piece of tie fabric big enough to cover the traced tie.

step 8

8. Glue the piece of tie fabric over the traced tie shape on the square insert. Smooth the fabric down flat.

step 9

9. Put glue around the cut-out tie on the inside cover of the card, and around the glued-on tie fabric on the insert. Glue insert to inside cover, with tie fabric showing through the cut-out.

10. Write "Happy Father's Day" on the cover or inside the card and write in any additional text you wish to include.

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