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Easy DIY Birthday Goodie Bags

Easy DIY Birthday Goodie Bags

by Kim Demmon

This DIY project is perfect for the busy mom! Make simple but fun goodie bags for your next birthday party or classroom party from an ordinary lunch sack. Dress it up with stickers, paper punches, or follow what I did and add kid friendly stamps. They look festive and fun! But the best part is, they were easy! No special skills tfor this project! Anyone can do it!

What you'll need

  • Paper Bags
  • Craft paint
  • Foam stamps
  • Washi Tape
  • Foam brushes

Helpful Tip:

Kids love bright colors and shapes they recognize! The bug stamps are perfect. Use paper plates to pour a small amount of each color of paint. Each color of paint has its own foam brush.


Decorated bags can be used for many things. Use a variety of stamps to match any event. Regular rubber stamps with ink can also be used. Stamp names, shapes, numbers, or themes.

How to make it

DIY Goodie Bag

1. Gather your supplies and prep your space for painting.

stamped goodie bags

2. Paint each stamp with paint and press gently to stamp on the paper bag.

Easy DIY Birthday Goodie Bags

3. Choose fun shapes and colors. Fold the top down and secure with colorful washi tape.

Easy DIY Birthday Goodie Bags

4. Bug stamps make goodie bags fun!  After filling the bags with party favors, secure all the bags with a swatch of washi tape.

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