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Drama Queen (or King) Backpack Craft

Drama Queen (or King) Backpack Craft

Ages school-age

Lights! Camera! Crafting! Let the world know you’re a superstar with this backpack that’s sure to get standing ovations. With its Hollywood lights, applause sign and glittery photo frame, you’ll be famous – at least for your creativity.

What you'll need

  • Backpack
  • White duct tape
  • Black felt scraps
  • Silver glitter foam sheet
  • Purple glitter foam sheet
  • Gold glitter foam sheet
  • Blue glitter foam sheet
  • Black poster board
  • Miniature flashlight key chain
  • Movie clapboard key chain
  • Craft glue
  • Fabric glue

How to make it

Drama Queen (or King) Backpack step 1

1. Cut about a ten-inch piece of white duct tape in half diagonally. These two pieces of tape will be your klieg lights. Stick these pieces on the top section of your backpack so the “lights” are shining in opposite directions. Here’s a helpful hint: cut the duct tape longer than you’ll need, and extend it over the top edge of the backpack. Then trim along the zipper when you’re happy with the placement of the tape.

2. Cut two small ovals out of the black felt scraps and glue them on the bottom of the duct tape triangles.

Drama Queen (or King) Backpack step 3

3. Trace and cut star shapes out of the silver glitter foam sheets, about 3 inches from point to point. You’ll need about six or seven stars all together. Then trace and cut star shapes out of the purple glitter foam sheet that are about ¼” larger on all sides than the silver stars. Glue the silver and purple stars together with craft glue, and then glue these stars along the side of the backpack.

4. Trace and cut a star shape out of the gold glitter foam sheet, about six inches from point to point. Then cut a circle inside that star that is about one to two inches in diameter. This will be the opening of your picture frame. Then trace and cut a star out of the blue glitter foam sheet that is about ¼” larger on all sides than the gold star. Glue the gold star on top of the blue star, but don’t glue the top points together, as you need that opening to insert a picture. Glue this large star on the pocket of the backpack.

5. Print the words “APPLAUSE” on your home printer with yellow letters on a black background, and mount the paper on a piece of black poster board. Glue this onto the backpack over the klieg lights.

6. Have your own portable spotlight handy by using a miniature flashlight as a zipper pull. Make sure it shines on your good side.

7. And you’ll be ready for your close-up with a clapboard key chain as another zipper pull.

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