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Swarm of Bats Pumpkin Craft

Swarm of Bats Pumpkin Craft

Ages school-age

Everyone will go batty for this pumpkin that's perfect for adding a festive flare to the porch for Halloween. This is also a great way to make use of a pumpkin before you are ready to carve it into a jack-o'-lantern.

by Amanda Formaro

What you'll need

  • Small to medium-sized pumpkin
  • Scissors and bat pattern, bat craft punch, or bat die-cut
  • Black cardstock
  • Glue dots or white craft glue or removable craft dots

Helpful Tip:

If you don't have a bat-shaped die-cut or craft punch, you could use one at your local scrapbook store for a small cost, or you can use scissors to cut out this bat pattern. If you use removable adhesive, you can reuse the little bats year after year...or on another project.

How to make it

Swarm of Bats Pumpkin step 1

1. Using the black cardstock, cut out lots of mini bat shapes. Whether you cut the bats out with a pattern and scissors, die-cut, or craft punch, use the same bat shape – it's the repeat pattern that makes this craft look so cool. We used a pattern from a die-cut machine. (See photo.)

Swarm of Bats Pumpkin step 2

2. Once all of your bat shapes are cut out, adhere them to the pumpkin in a diagonal, swarm-like shape. To adhere, you can use mini glue dots, white craft glue, or a removable glue dot runner. (See photo.)  

Swarm of Bats Pumpkin step 3

3. Make sure to only adhere the centers of each mini paper bat, this way you can bend their wings inward to give them a more three-dimensional look. (See photo.)  

4. You are ready to set your festive pumpkin out on display!

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