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Valentine's Day Centerpiece Craft

Valentine's Day Centerpiece Craft

The beauty of this centerpiece is you can tailor it however you like. By changing the colors and how you decorate it, you can make yours unique!

by Amanda Formaro

What you'll need

  • 9” paper plate
  • Red and pink acrylic paint
  • 2” foam ball
  • 1 sheet glitter pink felt
  • 1 sheet red craft foam
  • Colorful sequins
  • 1 craft stick
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Thin white ribbon
  • Red glitter glue
  • Craft jewels (hearts, tear drops, etc.)
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

Helpful Tip:

You can cut a simple heart freehand or use a cookie cutter. This project requires a long period of time to dry. Speed things up by using a hot glue gun, parents should handle this step. Craft foam is available in sheets and shapes at your local craft supply store.

How to make it

1. Paint the paper plate red and set aside to dry.  

Valentine's Day Centerpiece 2

2. Cut the foam ball in half, save the other half for another project.

3. Paint the half ball with red paint and let dry.  

4. Paint the craft stick with pink paint and let dry.  

Valentine's Day Centerpiece 5

5. Find the center of the plate and mark it with a pencil.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece 6

6. Cut the pink glitter felt into eight ½” strips. You may have some felt left over, save it for another project.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece 7

7. Glue the felt strips, glitter side down, to the center of the plate, going around the plate evenly.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece 8

8. Insert the pink craft stick into the round side of the half foam ball. Glue the flat side of the half foam ball into the center of the plate.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece 9

9. Holding the craft stick with one hand, fold one of the strips up and under the foam ball. Repeat for all strips until they resemble a flower.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece 10

10. The glue will not hold right away. Remove the craft stick and place something heavy on top of the foam ball (we used a box of crayons).

11. This will need to dry for several hours in order to adhere. Alternatively, you may use a glue gun to speed up the process.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece 12

12. Meanwhile, cut two hearts from red craft foam, about 4” wide at the top. Decorate the hearts by gluing sequins around the border of each one. Allow to dry.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece 13

13. When hearts are dry, glue the craft stick to the back of one of the hearts, near the bottom. Glue the other heart on so that the hearts are back to back and the craft stick is in between them. Allow to dry.  

14. Tie two pieces of white ribbon around the craft stick below the bottom of the hearts. Tie each one into a bow.  

15. Remove the heavy object. If flower shape is dry, line the border of the plate with red glitter glue and glue craft jewels in between each of the felt strips to decorate.  

16. Once the glitter glue is completely dry, insert the heart topped craft stick into the foam ball and display!

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