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Family Tree Leaf Pins - Thanksgiving Crafts

Family Tree Leaf Pins - Thanksgiving Crafts

Total Time 1 Hour Ages School Age

by Amanda Formaro

Who's coming to your holiday dinner this year? Get everyone straight with these adorable and festive name tags! Make a bunch of blank ones and add names as family members arrive. For more fun turkey-themed crafts, visit our main Thanksgiving crafts page. For more holiday fun, visit our main Thanksgiving page and learn about great Thanksgiving-themed entertainment and activities like clip art, books, and coloring pages.

What you'll need

  • Silk leaves
  • White card stock or construction paper
  • Pinking shears or other decorative scissors
  • Black marker
  • Pin backs
  • White craft glue
  • Other silk embellishments, such as berries, flowers, wheat, etc (optional)

helpful tip

Silk leaves are available in packages at local craft stores. Check the floral department for prepackaged leaves that are flat and easy to work with. Hot glue can be used for the project and dries a lot faster than craft glue. However, hot glue can be so use caution. For a little extra fun, have family members write a little bit of what they are thankful for on the back of their pin, then everyone can read theirs out loud at dinner.

How to make it

Glue 3 leaves together, layering them on top of each other, allowing a little of each to show from underneath the other. Repeat this for however many name tags you would like to make.

This is an optional step, however, you may add fall flowers to some of the leaves, or berries, wheat, acorns, or any other silk embellishments you choose. Girls will enjoy the flowers whiles tags for boys work well with wheat and acorns.

Using the pinking shears, cut out rectangles and squares for the name tags. Use your leaf arrangements as a guide for how big they will need to be. Leave enough room to write names on them.

Glue the leaf arrangements to the front of the paper name tags, overlapping the paper so that there is excess leaf at the top (in the back).

Glue the pin directly to the back of the leaf arrangement, above the paper. This will allow family members to continue using their name tag as a lapel pin by simply removing the paper name tag when they leave.

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