Sunday, October 2, 2022

Getting Wiggy with It Mirror

Getting Wiggy with It Mirror

Get a funny surprise every time you look in the mirror. By sticking a crazy hairstyle on the mirror with some contact paper, you’ll love the new you. You can even put a different wig on different mirrors, so your look changes throughout the house. They’re also easy to remove, so it’s hair today, gone tomorrow.

What you'll need

  • Peel and stick contact paper
  • Mirror
  • Scissors

How to make it

Step 1

1. Draw a hairstyle shape on the back of some contact paper, and cut out the shape.

Step 2

2. Apply it to the mirror by peeling off a little bit of the protective backing and sticking a small section onto the mirror. Once you’re happy with where it’s positioned, you can continue peeling off the rest of the backing paper.

3, Besides wigs, you can cut out moustaches and glasses and apply them to the mirror to change out your disguises.

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